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Our Facebook ads campaigns focused on expanding your audience. Whether locally, nationally, or internationally.


It allows you to target your ads to the specific audience that consumes your products or services. You can choose various categories such as; gender, age range, demographic location, interests, and behaviors.

Variety of formats

From simple text and image ads to photo and video galleries, interactive content, or forms, you can develop your creativity to achieve the expected results.

Multipurpose campaigns

Facebook ads campaigns are focused on meeting goals, whether you want to increase your visibility and the number of followers, get quality leads, or receive more likes and comments.

How do we develop
your project?


We define your objectives and study the market to develop a strategy that suits your needs.


We develop the entire action plan by defining your campaign budget and choosing the scope of your ad.


We configure the advertising campaign, and once it is ready, we proceed to make the publications at the chosen time..

Follow up

After the launch, we will give you a weekly or monthly report so that you can observe the results and progress obtained.

Gpon: We managed to get their website obtain 21 leads in the first month and more than 300 leads in the first year

Gpon is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Peru, they provide excellent fiber and telephony plans to users throughout the national territory. They came to us on the recommendation of our Masmóvil Spain client.

At the time, they already served more than 5,000 clients. They were looking to reorganize their inbound and outbound sales strategy, so we designed a plan in which our Masmóvil Spain client would be in charge of the outbound strategy, and EVENC marketing would be in charge of maximizing the number of inbound clients.

We started the process by analyzing the resources that the company had. And we realized that they did not have a defined brand image.

Once your brand identity was created, we focused on correcting the user experience problems that your website presented: Some sections did not add value to the user journey, were poorly organized, or were simply difficult to understand.

We used all the previous experience we gained, selling fiber and telephony plans for companies in Spain and the United States, to develop their strategy, which obtained successful and lasting results: Their website obtained 21 new leads in the first month and more than 300 in the first year. And currently maintains excellent performance.

Diaz Prime Steak:
We reduced the Cost-Per-Click more than 300% in their Facebook Ads campaign

Diaz Prime Steak is a fresh meat prime cuts business that already had a virtual store, but needed a better structured and personalized redesign to present its products to the public, in addition to advertising so that more people would recognize its business.

We leveled up their website using WordPress and Woocommerce.

We designed the catalog with a simple appearance to highlight the product images and created a clean and attractive journey, getting customers to take action.

At the time of starting his advertising campaign on Facebook, we realized he had ads that presented a cost of $0.89 per click.

From this we analyze the data of your previous campaign and design a new campaign, generating traffic on your new website.

We managed to reduce their CPC from $0.89 to $0.23.

Legendarios Front Range: We helped them get 122 registrations in their 2021 event

Our client presented a problem with the time he spent with each participant to obtain the data and registration payment. So his goal was to automate his registration system to make it faster and easier.

Legendarios Front range had its logo and brand colors, so we took into account the objectives of our client and put together the proposal he needed: A One Page website with a registration form, where the route was short, eye-catching, and focused on the registration of upcoming REC events.

We maintained the brand image throughout the project and facilitated the management of registrations securing that the clients received the information of each participant and payment confirmation to their email.

Thus, 122 people signed up for their event.

Many businesses
have grown with us,
Now it's your turn!

Many businesses
have grown
with us, Now it's
your turn!